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The project

The architecture of NV Tower is designed as an exclusive contribution to the modernly expanding landscape of Sofia. Futuristic concept and compound body are combined in an impeccable system of ideas and solutions, in whose core stands the modern and active person.

This project follows the most urban and architectural trends: versatility, substantial shared spaces in different areas of the building, opulent landscaped roofs and facades, architectural silhouette tailored to the context of the environment in which it is located, opening of the building on the ground level to the city. The accountable responsibility for planning and building a project of this magnitude contributes to the creation of a high-tech and balanced work environment that stimulates and motivates, enhances satisfaction and productivity and is in full harmony with the dynamics of modern lifestyles.

Carefully designed, ultramodern and attentive to the smallest detail, NV Tower has the ambition to become  the greenest building and  one of the major projects in the capital, setting new standards of comfort, functionality and ergonomics in the urban life.

The Concept

The NV Tower project is deliberately planned using inspiration and symbols from nature, in particular - the dynamic forms of crystals, which refer to mining, one of the main activities of the Investor Minstroy Holding. Natural crystals are complex structures fascinating with their sharp geometric shapes and fomation integrity, discreetly embodied in the building's silhouette.

At the same time, in the multi-layered architectural image of the building, the typical outlines of Vitosha Mountain and its sky-pointed tops are recreated empowering the harmonious entry of the high silhouette into the urban environment, thus establishing a remarkable merge of man-made and nature.


Technical parameters

Reasonably avoiding a maximum built-up volume of the plot, NV Tower seeks delicate entry into the environment, breaking its architectural scale into two main bodies of different heights. On unfolded built-up area 48 000 sq.m. there are offices, apartment, shops, restaurant, café, wellness and sports center, conference block, panoramic deck, roof gardens, underground parking. 

NV Tower offers 20,000 sq. m. office areas, class A, with the floor area of 1000 sq.m. on the high floors up to 2000 sq.m. in the lower floors, offering the flexibility to create different types of office space. The bright height in office floors is 340 cm.

Designed to create a harmonious and motivating work environment that meets the most up-to-date sustainability standards, the building incorporates state-of-the-art building technologies and building systems: an impressive façade solution with triple-glazed windows, a three-pipe HVAC system, a Building Management System for management and monitoring of the processes. The building will be certified with a LEED Gold certificate - a globally recognized symbol for achieved standards in green and sustainable buildings.

Functional zones

Every single NV Tower area is logically interwoven into the overall architectural design and align with the idea of maximum functionality.

Floor 1 includes a central lobby with a reception, a café for 60 guests, medical center, bicycle facilities and retail facilities. Bright, spacious areas with high ceilings create a sense of lightness and harmony.

On floor 2 there are a conference block with conference hall and lobby, a fitness center, a  25-meter swimming pool with jacuzzi, a modern SPA center, beauty salon and massage studios.

Floor 3 includes a canteen for 320 guests with beautiful, richly planted terrace and 4 sport halls for different activities.

The office part is developed between floors 4 and 17.

Floors from 18 to 21, including, are designed as residential.

The three underground levels include 268 parking spaces.



An intelligent and modern building such as NV Tower offers the full range of amenities to enable a fulfilling working atmosphere and a variety of leisure activities. Large shared spaces, roof gardens and terraces landscaped with natural flora create an environment in which an intensively working people can immediately get in touch with nature.

A sports and wellness center with a 25-meter pool, a SPA with several treatment rooms, a gym, 4 sports halls, massage rooms allow quick access to various sports and recreation choices, and provide the opportunity to complement the dynamic daily routine.

A mix of commercial facilities - a canteen restaurant for 320 people, a cafe with bio menu for 60 people, a pharmacy and dry cleaning, bicycle facilities supplements the list of key features needed in everyday life of the modern and dynamic person.

An Intelligent vertical communication system with several groups elevators (12 for passengers and 2 freight ones) will provide fast and seamless mobility of people and cargo between floors.

A conference block consisting of lobby and conference hall with capacity of 200 seats, with option to be devided in 2 is available for conferences, seminars or other events close to your business.
Modern interior, unique vision and elegant atmosphere, with attention to even smallest details will contribute to the image positioning of your business.

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